Top Five Engineering Degrees

Top Five Engineering Degrees
Top Five Engineering Degrees

Introduction Of Top Five Engineering Degrees

Top Five Engineering Degrees. what’s happening guys this is gonna be a super-fast article we’re gonna be going over the top five engineering degrees in 2021. now I did this same article in late 2019 early 2021 and of course, a lot has happened since then one of the biggest events in all of modern history happened and so, of course, things have changed a little bit I’ve also done a lot more research since then and I’ve personally worked with many more people so I have not only the theoretical statistical advice but a lot more practical advice as well.

When it comes to picking the best possible college degree

So this is gonna be a real fast one guys and before we get into it make sure you gently it’s the college 101 course it has been getting insane reviews people to love it it will change your life when it comes to picking the best possible college degree for you shaving off sometimes up to three years of the time it takes for you to get a college degree and doing it all and as fast as possible with the least amount of time effort and money.

But with that being said let’s jump right in with number five on the list which is aerospace engineering now all engineering degrees are very difficult aerospace is one of the most difficult ones that attract super-smart people now during the pandemic this is an industry that did get rocked pretty hard I talked about that in my stocks article where I went over the best stocks.

Top Five Engineering Degrees
Top Five Engineering Degrees

It is an industry that got hit very very hard however I expected to make a strong recovery but with that being said aerospace engineering and the types of jobs you might go into are one of those degrees unfortunately where it can be very up and down you know there might be a ton of jobs when a war breaks out and then a bunch of them go away uh when a pandemic happens right so it’s very up and down almost like the energy industry but with that being said this is a very high paying degree it’s the second-highest paying engineering degree behind petroleum engineering.

The most flexible engineering degree

I’d say one of the downsides to this one is it is not as flexible as most of the other ones on this list but with that being said if you’re passionate about things that fly through the air like my dad for instance he got an aeronautical engineering degree back in the day because he was a pilot he was very passionate about that then.

This can be a fantastic choice for you next on the list is going to be mechanical engineering and this is kind of like the jack of all trades of engineering degrees one thing that’s great about mechanical engineering is it is so flexible probably the most flexible engineering degree and so if you know you want to be an engineer but you’re somebody who’s not sure what you want to do and you just want a degree that’s going to set you up for entering pretty much any industry out there mechanical engineering might be the way to go for you.


The Biggest Mistakes People When Choosing Their College Degree

When it comes to paying it’s pretty solid very flexible lots of demand there’s a lot of other engineering degrees where they’re going for a specific career where if you got a mechanical engineering degree you could still go for those same careers however I think there are better options on the list if you have a good idea of what types of careers you’re going for another degree that’s very flexible but it’s even higher paying than mechanical engineering is going to be number three on the list electrical engineering not as flexible as mechanical.

The highest paying engineering degrees

But still a ton of opportunity out there very high paying one of the highest paying engineering degrees I’m not going over the statistics in this article because I’ve already done that so many times in other articles I feel like a broken record you know you can look at all these articles because I made articles for these exact degrees so you can check that out lots of other opportunities and resources on my channel but yeah also very good demand another great thing about electrical engineering is.

It’s a great segue into getting into the technology industry and in my opinion, the tech industry has the most opportunity out of any industry out there also technology industry jobs tend to have very high job satisfaction there’s a lot of companies for instance that treat their employees very well and that’s why you see them score very high on things like year after year when it comes to employee job satisfaction on top of that if you go into the technology industry.

It’s one of the best industries for you to start your own business so there’s just a lot of opportunity very flexible great choice for the right person another great one to get into the technology industry would be number two on the list and that is computer engineering this one pays even better than electrical engineering but it’s even easier for you to get into technology now a lot of the time people will study computer engineering you know the hardware side of things get a really good feel on that but they end up working with the software.

How devices work and if you can have the hardware side of things

So they might end up becoming a software developer for instance but their background and hardware are going to help them tremendously they’re going to have a lot more instinct on how devices work and if you can have the hardware side of things and the software side of things down that’s game over so yeah computer engineering solid option I believe it’s the third-highest paying type of engineering degree lots of opportunity same thing with electrical where you’re probably going to end up working in the technology industry.

This is fantastic but there’s one on the list that’s even better that is number one software engineering now I will say here I’ve gotten comments about this before in some countries computer science and software engineering are the same things and there are a lot of similarities there so you know if you get a software engineering degree that is because you are trying to become a software engineer now I’ve made articles where I compared the differences between like software developer and software engineer and to be honest.

Top Five Engineering Degrees
Top Five Engineering Degrees

There is a ton of overlap but technically speaking a software engineer is more like an architect where you design the building itself whereas a software developer is a person who builds the building but with a lot of companies you work for you’d be doing both no matter what position you were in but with that being said you know this is the new meta as I said before uh you know software engineering software development computer science it’s gonna change the world and it already has but it’s going to keep changing.

These companies basically spoil their employees

The world this is going to be the most solid career you can get into in the next 40 years automation is coming technology is expanding just more and more rapidly it’s amazing what’s coming down the line in the next five to ten years so this one is fantastic great pay it’s only going to get better it offers you so many opportunities in terms of no matter what type of lifestyle you want to live whether you want to have kind of like a remote job and travel the world.

You can do that do you want to work for a very prestigious company and have an opportunity to move up into positions where you can make north of 500 000 a year you can do that do you want to work a really cushy job where you’re making good money but it’s not all that hard but you get a lot of perks and benefits because these companies basically spoil their employees you can do that or do you want to start your own business eventually and have a really good background and an ability to put yourself in a position.

Where you’re probably going to be successful you can do that as well just a lot of opportunities for these and honestly the top three on this list there’s just a lot of opportunities for them in general but i would say this one is the best a lot of similarities with the top three on this list though.