Top 9 Popular Masters Degrees In 2022

Top 9 Popular Masters Degrees In 2021
Top 9 Popular Masters Degrees In 2021

Introduction Of Top 9 Popular Masters Degrees In 2021

Top 9 Popular Masters Degrees In 2021. what’s happening guys it’s Shane here so I’m gonna be doing an update article on my very popular top five master’s degree article that I did last year and so that’s what we’re here for I’m not gonna do a long intro we’re going to be going over the top master’s level degrees master level degrees are basically like six-year degrees although sometimes they can be done in a shorter amount of times or longer amounts but yeah number nine on the list.

This time is going to be science-related master’s degrees

We’re doing top nine this time is going to be science-related master’s degrees okay so these are going to be a lot of science-related master’s degrees and the thing about science degrees at the bachelor’s level is unfortunately they aren’t as good as the other stem related degrees however the same thing kind of goes with master-level degrees as well but I would say science degrees at the master’s level are a little bit better especially if you know what you’re doing you’ve done your research and so that’s.

Why it did make it into the top nine next on the list is going to be speech-language pathologist this is usually a master’s level degree it’s a health degree where you help people who have speech and swallowing disorders one thing you want to pay attention to here is debt to income ratio and with this one, it’s 2.71 that’s bordering on being on the high side but this one has very high job satisfaction decent pay extremely good demand and that’s why it makes it into the number eight spot number seven on the list is going to be occupational therapists.

Top 9 Popular Masters Degrees In 2021
Top 9 Popular Masters Degrees In 2021

Now this one is very similar to physical therapist physical is moving more towards the doctorate direction occupational therapist is still kind of in masters-level direction at least that’s what it says on although it could be moving towards doctorate as well very very very high job satisfaction here maybe the highest job satisfaction out of just about any career out there it’s seriously like top five 3.2 to 1 debt to income ratio which is a little bit scary but overall this is still a pretty good one next on the list is going to be a college professor with a master’s level degree.

A professor with just a master’s degree

Now a lot of the time to become a college professor you’re going to have to get a Ph.D. however sometimes you can become a professor with just a master’s degree if you go to a community college for instance about a 1.8 to 1 debt to income ratio which is fantastic if you can become a professor this is a super awesome gig very difficult to get there there’s just not that many spots open so a lot of people will try to become professors then they fail and so they kind of just wasted their time.

If they spent too much time going after the degree if they’re not able to get a job in that field next on the list is going to be a master of business administration this is of course a business-related master’s degree very common degree these days this one can be great I will say though that it seems like schools are giving this one out left and right it seems like there’s like double majors that have a master’s MBA mixed with just about any other type of degree and so you want to be careful what school you get your MBA from and make sure.


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That you’re getting your money’s worth number four on the list is going to be technology engineering and mathematics-related master’s degrees and so this is uh you know a little bit better than the science-related master’s degrees uh when it comes to stem science is definitely the least good out of the four however generally speaking if you get a technology engineering or mathematics-related master’s degree you are going to be good to go there’s a lot of opportunities out there for you.

A master’s degree bachelor’s

I would say in some circumstances you don’t need to get a master’s degree bachelor’s is fine but it isn’t going to hurt all that much if you get a master’s next on the list number three is going to be data science data is one of the hottest things out there right now I’ve talked about this before on the channel but I think this is uh one of the ones that I’m the most bullish on now this one has a 1.5 to 1 debt to income ratio which is ridiculously low and there’s no surprise there now one thing that I will say about data science is a lot of people think.

They can become a data scientist without a degree or with a bachelor’s degree usually, if you want to be a fully-fledged data scientist you have to get a master’s and that’s one of the reasons why I included it in this list and data science is fantastic everywhere how much you get paid ridiculously high lots of opportunity job satisfaction very high in the technology industry future outlook looks amazing just nothing to hate here everything to like next on the list is going to be.

Top 9 Popular Masters Degrees In 2021
Top 9 Popular Masters Degrees In 2021

A physician assistant now known as a physician associate and this is somebody who can prescribe and diagnose under the supervision of a doctor 2.1 to 1 debt to income ratio here very nice you start off making about six figures a year you can get much higher than that you have the option to pick up overtime if you want to make even more money tons of jobs out there extremely flexible you can very easily switch your specialty just.

Which is the lowest on the entire list

A lot of things to like about physician associate fantastic career fantastic degree to get next on the list number one edges out pa just by a tiny little bit and that is a nurse practitioner with a 1.3 to 1 debt-to-income ratio which is the lowest on the entire list so this is a master’s level nursing degree extremely flexible you can do so many different things with it relatively easy to switch your specialty as well at least if you can compare it to a medical doctor lots of opportunity medical tends to have very high job satisfaction just a lot to like about this one and guys I didn’t go over statistics very much in this article.

I do that in tons of other articles on my website you can even check out last year’s article where I dove much more deeply into the statistics i kind of just wanted to give you guys an update you know a lot has happened in the world with a pandemic i’ve also changed my mind on a few things as well and i think that certain things are going in certain directions right so as time changes as the years go by you know there’s going to be certain things that change when it comes to the best careers and the best degrees and so i will always keep you guys up to date on that and that’s exactly.